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8 Fun Facts about Alpacas

Alpaca Facts

Everyone knows that alpacas are the greatest of all of our furry friends- but how much do you really know about them?

There are two different kinds!

I bet you thought they were all the same. The Suri alpaca has longer, shinier, almost dreadlocked hair, (they always look wet) whereas the Hyacaya looks more poufy. Hyacayas are usually the alpacas you see in cute pictures online, but Suri fiber is more expensive because it is so rare.

Alpacas have the second strongest of any animal hair.

They are only beat by Mohair, which is found on the angora goat.

Their fiber is water AND flame resistant AND hypoallergenic!

It is because of these qualities that is used to make many different products. It can be spun into yarn to be made into sweaters and blankets, and it can also be used as filler for comforters and duvets.

They hum, like a lot.

Whenever they are curious, content, worried, fearful, distressed, or cautious, or even when they are just bored they make a hummy/grunty noise.

Alpacas can be house-trained!

Although not at all common, alpacas can be trained to use a very large litter box. This is because they are used to having a communal dung pile that all of them use.

They can also learn tricks!

With training, they can do cool stuff like pulling carts and doing obstacle courses- they can even be trained to sit and play fetch!

They have been around for basically ever.

They were domesticated over 6000 years ago for their beautiful fiber!

They are very similar to their cousin, the llama.

They are both members of the camelid family, however, alpacas are better because they are smaller, softer, and spit a lot less.


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