New Zealand's FIBRE POOL COLLECTION & 100% Alpaca Products

Pacific Alpacas is one of the largest alpaca fibre pool collectors in all of New Zealand. Our company prides itself with focusing on buying alpaca fibre from local growers who are in need of a market. After the fibre is collected it is then sorted, scoured, and eventually sold to domestic and international buyers; helping achieve Pacific Alpacas’ mission to strengthen the market and increase the demand for New Zealand alpaca fibre. In addition to operating as a successful fibre pool for growers, Pacific Alpacas also sells the highest quality 100% New Zealand alpaca fibre heirloom duvets and blankets.


Pacific Alpacas has been doing New Zealand alpaca fibre collection for the past 6 years, selling over 50,000 kgs in that time! We collect the alpaca fibre from New Zealand growers then sell the fibre to domestic and international buyers. Contact us if you are interested in fibre available either scoured, processed, or raw. Our collection points are located all across the country of New Zealand, making it easy and convenient as possible for your fibre to get to our location in Cromwell!


Our 100% New Zealand alpaca fibre duvets combine the versatile properties of being naturally hypoallergenic, incredibly lightweight yet warm, and highly water-resistant to make the perfect cozy covering for any season or temperature! Alpaca fibre is much finer than wool, containing hollow areas that hold the warmth in which makes the fibre lighter in weight compared to other animal fibres and three times warmer than wool by weight. It is a very strong material and highly water-resistant with exceptional wicking properties that draw moisture away from the body. The moisture absorbent properties of the fibre makes the duvet cool in the summer while the superior insulation makes it cozy and warm for the winter time.