Answers to some FAQ’s

Here are answers to the more Frequently Asked Questions we are getting.

Q. The grower’s bags are printed on both sides. Do we need to complete the details on both sides?

A. No, please don’t. We are hoping to be able to re-use the bags for at least two years, so once we have emptied them and recorded the information off them plus their weight etc. we will cross out the completed side and re-issue to bags. Likely we will be able to turn them inside out and use them for an additional 2 years.

Q. What is the best way to seal the bags?

A. We find that bale clips work best, as shown below. Unless the bag is really full you will probably find that one clip is enough per bag. If you don’t have any bale clips we can send you some or you can easily buy them from places like RD1 or farm supply stores.

Please DO NOT tie the bags up, tape or staple them. The aim of the bags and bale clips is to streamline our processes and minimise time lost doing unproductive things like trying to get a bag open that has been secured with the mother of all granny knots!

When our driver calls to collect your fibre please make sure he leaves you bags for next year; the policy is to replace the number of bags he collects and he will also leave you bale clips if you ask him. One per bag. We supply these free as they make our job easier

Q. We’ve been fielding a few calls about our grading system; hopefully the following answers will help:

1. By “Shorts” (Grades PB10 to 30) we mean necks, bellies and legs (unless you, as grower, feel that a particular neck is good enough to be included with Blankets, in which case put them in the appropriate blanket bag.)

2. Skirting: Yes, we prefer fleeces to be skirted please; if you can’t do this then we will do it our end but of course this results in costs to the pool and delays.

3. Guard hair – we don’t take it. Guard hair is Grade PX – Unusable. Our graders have been instructed that if there is too much guard hair in a bag, class the whole bag as PX, don’t waste time sorting it – time is money and our fibre clients are not yet prepared to pay the real cost of excessive sorting.

4. Fadges vs Collection Bags: If you have a lot of fibre of a particular grade please feel free to put it straight into fadges without using bags. We are here to make things simpler and easier for you, not harder. Our drivers will have fadges in their vehicles and will replace any fadges you supply.

Q. What are Fibre Credits and how do they work?

A. Fibre Credits are simply an estimate of the MINIMUM average amount across all grades we expect to pay a grower for the fibre they supplied that season and that we will allow them to use to purchase our value-added alpaca fibre products in advance of payout.

For example:
If we estimate that our MINIMUM payout for the season, (i.e. the amount we expect to pay out for mixed shorts) is say $8.00 per kg then without jeopardizing the financial security of the pool we can safely ‘allow’ any given grower to ‘spend’ $8.00 excluding GST for every kilo of fibre they supplied to buy Pacifica Alpacas products at any time between us collecting their fibre and final payout at the end of the season.

Another way to look at is that Fibre Credits is the amount of purchasing credit, Pacific Alpacas will grant a grower against the amount of fibre they provided.

At the end of each season any unused Fibre Credits are added back to the grower’s account and then our systems calculate the actual payout fibre due to the grower based on the actual grades and weights and value per grade of fibre that grower supplied.

Oct 27, 2018