Pacific Alpacas Heirloom Duvet

Pacific Alpacas is New Zealand’s largest alpaca fibre supplier providing you with carefully selected superior quality alpaca fibre from the listed local New Zealand breeders, guaranteeing you true ‘Heirloom Quality’ with our products.

Pacific Alpacas duvet inner are proudly made using only the finest, highest quality 100% New Zealand alpaca fibre encased in a beautiful down-proof 100% cotton outer. Alpaca fibre, unlike sheep’s wool, contains no lanolin or natural body oils, making the fibre naturally odorless, hypoallergenic, and mildew resistant with an added bonus of being lighter than wool. Having one of the highest moisture wicking properties of all natural fibres, alpaca fibre allows our duvets to be the perfect cover for you during the nights through the summer and winter time. Body moisture is absorbed by the fibre; keeping sweat away, and then slowly released to the outside of the duvet into the air allowing you to be dry and evenly warm.

This heirloom line duvet features Pacific Alpacas’ trademarked ‘Cloud of Dreams’ stitching pattern and is covered in a unique printed white silver fern pattern, giving it a true New Zealand-made feel. The duvet ships with a Certificate of Authenticity and purpose made heavy duty japara cotton carry/storage bag.

Nothing is too good for you. Pacific Alpacas blankets and duvets: “Luxury for Generations”

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