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What is so Great about Alpaca Fibre?

Alpaca Facts
It’s Soft.
Anyone who has touched an alpaca can speak it the incredible handle of alpaca fibre. It is luxuriously silky and is comfortable even directly on skin; this is because the scales in the fibre are smaller than on wool, and therefore, less itchy.
It’s Warm AND Lightweight.
Alpaca fibre is 3 times warmer than sheep’s wool! It is able to retain warmth because heat is trapped in hollow areas in the middle of the fibres. This is also what makes it so lightweight!
It’s Strong.
Some sources say that alpacas have the strongest of all mammal fibre! This is studied by measuring the fibre’s tensile strength.
It’s Water Resistant.
Gaston College in 2009 attempted to test the water resistance of alpaca fibre, but they could not even completely saturate it in order to measure the results! Because of alpaca fibre’s resistance to water, you can wear a pair of alpaca socks without ever feeling sweaty.
It’s Durable.
Alpaca is less likely to wrinkle than cashmere and it also lasts longer. Alpaca sweaters can we wore for decades before wearing out! Also, it is less likely to shrink than wool or cashmere in the wash!
It has Beautiful Natural Colouring.
Alpacas, and therefore, alpaca fibre come in 22 colours. They range from light to dark brown, and black to grey, to white. Even though their natural colouring is beautiful, alpaca fibre can also be easily dyed.
It’s Hypoallergenic.
Unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca fibre does not contain lanolin which makes it completely and naturally hypoallergenic.

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